Getting a healthy body is easy with Body Nation.Body Nation is one of the best fitness centre in Gurgaon with Hi-Tech Equipments,world class facilities and State-Of-The-Art ambience.At Body Nation,We strive to provide you a great fitness experience and best of the technology along with superior services led by a team of professional trainers and instructors.

We ensure that you receive the appropriate fitness program, customized to your fitness and health needs.Whether you want to loose weight and inches,gain energy,build muscles or just tone up,Body Nation will work for you & helps you to build a healthy body.

Facilities Available:-

* Beauty Saloon
* Dance
* Yoga
* Meditation


Special Features:-

* One-On-One Customized Personal Training with professional staff.

* Introduction classes for beginners.

* Thorough Fitness Testing.

* Exercise programmers designed as per individual requirements.

* Special Training Programme for children under 16 years.

* As the diamond needs polishing, body also needs cleaning.At Body Nation we recreate your healthy skin.

* We offer Personalized solution for your skin.

* Discover a healthy skin at Body Nation.


Gym ( Fitness)

1 Power Beats

2 Power Packed Hi-tech Gym

3 Personal Training

4 Body Toning

5 Weight Training

6 Nutrition and Weight Guidance

7 Group Classes ( Yoga, Meditation, Aerobics, and more....)